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Pulsar Glass Ash Catchers

Pulsar Glass Ash Catchers

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Hate cleaning your glass on the regular? Look no further than an ash catcher. It does like it name states, it catches most, if not all of your ash and waste before it enters your glass. Think of an ash catcher this way; its cheap insurance. It will keep your piece cleaner and when you go to clean it, if the ash catcher breaks, its a lot cheaper to replace that vs the glass you have it connected to. Now, the only question left, which one are you buying?

ALL EYES ON YOU - 14mm, Glow in the dark, you will never have a problem finding it again late at night. 14mm joint, male into your waterpipe, and you will need a 14mm female slide for the top. 

Sea Creaters - Comes in either 14mm 90 degree or 45 degree to connect to your waterpipe, and the top is a 14mm female, you will need a 14mm male slide to make it complete.

Flowing Fantasy Wig Wag - 14mm 45 degree. All your dreams come true with this stunner. 

Pulsar Shroom Quintet Ash Catcher - 14mm 45 degree. Yellow and Blue. All your dreams come true with this ashcatcher. 

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