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Milkyway Glass

Milkyway Glass Collection

Milkyway Glass Collection

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Space Odyssey Incycler 6 in. Dab Rig  This space themed dab rig comes with an Orbit bowl and in Clear. If you look closely enough at this glass rig, you’ll realize that someone or something is keeping an eye on us from a distance… It comes with a stem and stacks a lot of bubbles.

Dimension  4 × 4 × 9 in Size 9"

Smoke Frit Peace and Joy 6" This 6in rig is layered with fine silver frit glass and sandblasted deep.  It contains a mini showerhead perc and hits a champ! This buddha themed dab rig comes colored and with color matched Orbit bowl.

Length: 6 Inches (15 cm) Joint: 14 mm

Nuclear 7 inch Dab Rig. Inspired by the CERN Hadron Collider in Switzerland, this 7” cone rig is the next edition in our ‘Nuclear’ series. It contains an inner showerhead perc. Futuristic in style, it’s perfect for those who want to do a little cold-fusion themselves. 

Dimension 5 x 5 x 15" 

Aqua Column The Aqua-Column is a revolutionary dual-chamber hash smoking apparatus designed with flavor in mind. The upper chamber is engineered to gather hash smoke, creating a dense, flavorful cloud. Upon inhalation, the smoke is seamlessly transferred to the lower chamber, where it percolated through water.

Dimension 5 inches

Ancient Ruins 11 inch Beaker This 11″ mini beaker is from the Milkyway Maya collection. It features Eloy, an ancient Maya warrior hunting amongst mysterious ancient ruins deep in the jungle. This model comes in teal and contains sandblast details from top to bottom.

Dimensions 11 inch beaker 

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